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CLSS's bindery service includes a wide range of capabilities to handle your next project. Many different binding methods are available and the style selected depends on the publication size, intended application and personal preference.

GBC or Plasticoil
These bindings use plastic bindings that are inserted into a series of holes punched into the printed sheets binding edge. The binding allows for the publication to lie flat when it is opened. GBC binding is removable; Plasticoil binding is not. These bindings come in a variety of colors as well to match your reports.

Saddle Stitching
Folded sheets are collated into sets and stapled in the center of the publication, on the fold. When opened, the binding allows the publication to lie flat.

Tape Bind
After the printed pages are collated in their finished size, an adhesive strip is applied to the spine. At this point, the covers and pages are glued as one. When opened, the binding allows the publication to lie flat.

Side Stitching
When printed work is too bulky for the binding methods described above, or the cost is prohibitive, a single staple or multiple staples can be inserted into the binding edge. This binding does not allow for the assembled materials to lie flat when opened.

Holes are drilled into printed sheets so they can be used in notebooks and binders. The number, size and location of the holes can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the work.

For more information on CLSS Graphic Services' bindery capabilities, please feel free to email us at, or call 410-637-8203.