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Clear Litigation provides client-specific litigation management services including document imaging and coding. Our account managers have a comprehensive understanding of the litigation process and we can quickly scale up our capabilities to meet the most demanding client requirements and deadlines. We always strive to use the latest improvements in scanning and coding technology to deliver the most efficient imaging solutions available today.

Document imaging is the most efficient and cost effective method of maintaining an electronic file of documents. We can objectively code your documents at scan time. Objective issues such as beginning/ending document number, document type, document date, attachment range, and document status can all be captured at scan time and are electronically processed into the load file needed to populate your database. Summation, Concordance, and JFS Litigators Notebook are just a few of the database programs that we support.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
OCR refers to the process by which scanned paper documents are converted into searchable text files. Using state of the art tools, Clear Litigation can change image collections into searchable text databases. The process allows you to access the information on your paper documents in a fraction of the time associated with physical paper.

Clear Litigation works with you to tailor the coding protocol to meet the needs of your particular project. Coding usually involves the extraction of data both by objective coding (Date, Time, Recipient, etc.) and subjective coding (Privileged, High Importance, etc.). Indexing is usually the extraction of identifying information such as account numbers, invoice numbers, etc., to aid in future retrieval. This coding and indexing information allows you to search for documents that meet your defined search criteria.

Quality Control
Clear Litigation's quality control processes include an extensive review of scanned images and document rescanning, if necessary. We deliver a finished product and take great pride in our work, by utilizing:
· Trained and experienced staff
· Quality control checks throughout the process
· Consistent improvements

For more information on how Clear Litigation can help process your litigation documents, contact us at or call 202-628-4795.

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